Welcome to the Pcounter PayEx sign-up portal

You only need to use this sign-up portal once, the first time that you need to print/copy.

When you print and copy, the cost for print and copy will be charged to your PayEx account.

Use this sign-up portal to link your PayEx account to your school network account. If you do not have a PayEx account, you can use this portal to create a PayEx account in a few steps.

Start by entering your personal email address as well as your school network username and password below.

If you already have a PayEx account, enter the email address of your PayEx account. If you do not have a PayEx account, use your personal email address that you wish to use in PayEx.

Ange användarnamnet i form av ditt LiU-ID eller personnummer (om du är lånekortsanvändare).
Lösenordet är ditt LiU-ID lösenord eller lånekortsnummer (om du är lånekortsanvändare).

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